You Read These With Your Eyes! | February 27th, 2013

If it's good enough for Elvis, it's good enough for you, dammit.

Every week, Comics! The Blog goes through the list of new releases and we tell you which comics to plug into your mind hole. Your mileage may vary.

ADVENTURE TIME VOL. 2 TP (Boom! Studios)

Oh hey you guys, it’s the second volume of that swanky new Adventure Time series! The first tradepaper back came out and promptly sold out for a while. Which was fun. Maybe they have their numbers figured out for this round? Either way, we ordered a lot more at my shop. The folks need their Finn and Jake and LSP and the like!

AMALA’S BLADE #0 (Dark Horse Comics)

This is a thing that you’re all going to love.

Amala is a young woman with a sword who believes herself to be the best swordfighter in… well, you know, where she lives. Sometimes that gets her into a touch of trouble. Awesome trouble. The kind of trouble that involves pirate monkey robots.

The stories contained in this issue were first published in Dark Horse Presents early last year, and when I heard they would be used to launch a new series, I was pretty excited. Steve Horton’s storytelling is a whole lot of fun and the art from Michael Dialynas is suitably crazy. The art style is like a mix of Ross Campbell and James Stokoe, and when you’re dealing with a fun, action oriented sword fighting book, it means you’re in good shape. Check it out this week!

HAWKEYE #8 (Marvel Comics)

Yes! Hawkguy!! 

By now you know why you should be reading Hawkguy and you either are reading or you’re dead to us. So which is it? Are you a terrible person, or are you reading Hawkguy? Shut up, haters, I don’t even want to look at your face.

Unsurprisingly, this issue looks amazing. David Aja belts out the main action, while comic newbie Annie Wu absolutely demonishes some full splashes designed to look like covers of old romance magazines. Each issue of this book is an amazing treat, and I can never quite stand the wait for new issues. Here’s hoping this series keeps going for a long, loooonnnnnng time.


Oh look! It’s a new Rocketeer series! Can it hope to match the greatness that was Mark Waid and Chris Samnee’s effort on the previous mini? Well, yes, yes it can, because Roger Langridge is writing, and J. Bone is drawing. Both have styles that perfectly suit this new series (Bone often inks Darwyn Cooke’s work, and has quite a similar style) and at this point, IDW can just sign me up for whatever moneys they want to take from me if they keep putting out Rocketeer books like this. So yay! Comics!

UNCANNY X-FORCE #2 (Marvel Comics) & SACRIFICE #5 (Kinda’)

True story: Sacrifice #5 came out last week, and like a dick, I didn’t sell any copies to anybody at my store. As one of the very few brick and mortar stores that recieve physical copies of this book, it seems odd that I would sit on them for a week, but here me out. I have a good reason, probably. Maybe.

Sam SEX FRO Humphries

As much as I love the book, Sacrifice does not sell like Uncanny X-Force. It should, but the market wasn’t built to sell Sacrifice. The industry was built by and for fans of superhero books. It was built to sell Uncanny X-Force. So sometimes, selling a book like Sacrifice, as amazing as it is, can be a little difficult. That said, when I started racking issues of Sacrifice next to the launch of Uncanny X-Force (both penned by the incredible Sam Humphries), it started moving quicker than it had since issue #1. It was something people wanted, because… well, because a superhero book was helping sell this other series.

So yeah. I held onto copies until this week so I could do another big push. In the end, I think it’s going to help sales, and that’s what I’m going for. This book needs to be in the hands of as many people as possible, and I will do anything to make that happen… including holding the sale of a new issue until it can get a bigger kick. Anyway, Sacrifice was out this week, and the new issue of Uncanny X-Force is out this week and you’re definitely going to want to walk away with both of them in your comic stack, if you can. If you’re not around a place where you can nab a physical copy of Sacrifice, then hit up Comixology. They’re good people, and they provide a good service. Do this!

Brandon is a comic book manager at Wizard's Comics in Edmonton, and a staff writer for Comics Beat. He's also the co-creator of Comics! The Blog, and an occasional writer. He hasn't written anything in days, probably.

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