You Read These With Your Eyes! | December 19th, 2012

If it's good enough for Elvis, it's good enough for you, dammit.

Every week, Comics! The Blog goes through the list of new releases and we tell you which comics to plug into your mind hole. Your mileage may vary.

BLACK BEETLE: NIGHT SHIFT #0 (Dark Horse Comics)

Artist Francesco Francavilla wears his pulp influences on his sleeve. From his colouring choices, to his sense of panel design, the majority of his work feels like it emerged from the radio drama days of old, when characters like The Shadow and The Spider reigned supreme. Now, he’s taking a shot at telling a pulp infused story with his own creation, The Black Beetle!

Black Beetle #0


This zero issue collects the three part story that ran as a part of Dark Horse Presents earlier this year, as a precursor to a brand new mini series starting next month. If you’re in the mood for something a little darker that still carries with it a sense of fun and wonder, definitely check this series out.

CAPTAIN MARVEL VOL. 1 (Marvel Comics)

The first collection of the Kelly Sue DeConnick penned adventures of Carol Danvers hits the shelves just in time for Christmas! We’ve spoken glowingly about this series and the issues contained within this collection many times, and we’d be loathed to stop ourselves now. It’s true, in the past, Carol Danvers was not a character that we were necessarily interested in, but with a deft hand, DeConnick has given life to a fictional character who now feels very real. Along with her new costume and title, Carol Danvers is really standing out as a person, with hopes and fears and flaws. She exists and lives and breathes, and her adventures have been wonderful so far. Check out this collection, along with the eighth issue of this series, also on standsnow.


Once again, Cursed Pirate Girl takes to the seas on the winds of adventure! Originally collected by the now-defunct Olympian Publishing, this lush series is back on the shelves as a hardcover from the good folks at Archaia. The series follows the (mis)adventures of the titular character as she attempts to find her father, who has been long lost at sea.

Cursed Pirate Girl HC

This is a series that far too many people have yet to discover (owing a lot to the fact that copies of the series have been out of print for ages), so now is the time to jump on this wagon and take a look at some of the finery contained within it’s pages.

DJANGO UNCHAINED #1 (Vertigo/DC Comics)

Normally, an adaptation wouldn’t find its way to this recommendation list, but look. This is a book that will have R.M. Guera and Jason Latour adapting a thing that Quintin Terentino wrote. It’s going to be weird and gorgeous, and if nothing else, and interesting experiment in storytelling. After all, how exactly do you translate the verbosity of Terentino into something that will work within this medium? The task is a tough one, but I feel as though the artists will be more than up to the challenge.

HAWKEYE #6 (Marvel Comics)

And finally, do we really need to tell you about Hawkguy again? It seems as though we must. This issue is the title’s Christmas effort, and will be the first in the second volume of the series. The first five issues will be bound and found on shelves early next year (in March, I believe) and if you’re looking for a place to jump on, whelp, you’re not going to do better than this. While every issue is a solid jumping on point for this series (yes, even last issue’s “second part” of The Tape storyline), this one will take you right to where you need, jutting up against what will be collected at a later date. Buy this if you’re feeling sexy. Or even if you’re not. Just buy this.

These are five of the many great books being released this week! You can find the full list of comics being released here. If you have any other recommendations, let us know in the comments below.

Brandon is a comic book manager at Wizard's Comics in Edmonton, and a staff writer for Comics Beat. He's also the co-creator of Comics! The Blog, and an occasional writer. He hasn't written anything in days, probably.

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