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Graphic Content, The Metro Cinema at the Garneau Theatre and Comics! The Blog present:


That’s right, folks!  Nine months after our first Graphic Content presentation, we’re back for more!  We’re absolutely as pleased as can be to announce that on Tuesday, November 20th at 9pm, we’ll be teaming up with the Metro Cinema at the Garneau Theatre and Warp One Comics and Games to present a screening of the greatest comic book movie ever, Josie and the Pussycats!

The screening is part of an incredible series called Graphic Content that the Metro Cinema puts on to encourage cross-media literacy to promote and explore the relationship between film and sequential art.  Each month, they present a movie adapted from, inspired by or otherwise related to comics and curate a list of thematically-relevant comic books.  They won our hearts early by presenting Batman 1966 (the greatest Batman movie) in 35mm on the big screen and have continued their mission with lots of other great movies, like Batman: Mask of the Phantasm and even a few non-Batman ones like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Worldwe guess. 


Based on the iconic Archie Comics characters created by Dan DeCarloJosie and the Pussycats tells the story of three lifelong friends and aspiring musicians, Josie, Valerie and Melody, who are trying to make it big with their band The Pussycats.  When a big record label deal falls at their feet (or almost hits them with a car, whatever), the girls jump at the chance to achieve their dream.  Before they know it, they’re over their heads in one of the darkest realms of opulence, treachery and crime around: the music industry!  Can the girls stick together despite the pressure?  Will fame go to their heads?  Will Parker Posey ever make a better movie?!

The jury’s still out on that one.

No lies, this is the movie that we are excited to present more than any other one possible.  When we first met with Graphic Content to discuss the Scott Pilgrim screening, James was actually begging to present this movie before we’d even settled on the details of the first screening, if that gives any indication of our excitement.  It’s our favourite comic book movie, and if you show up on the 20th, we’ll tell you why it’s the best.


As seen on the gorgeous poster by Sylvia Moon above, the movie screening is on Tuesday, November 20th at the Metro Cinema at the Garneau Theatre.  The movie starts at 9pm, aka Rock O’Clock.  Tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for students/seniors, and Metro Passes will be accepted!

But wait, there’s more!

The best comic book movie deserves more than just a screen and a showtime.  Before the movie, there will be time to mingle and meet other Josiephiles in the lobby, and there will be a selection of specially curated comic books available for you to peruse and buy.  If you’ve ever wanted to meet Brandon and James (and let’s be honest, our egos demand that you do), this is the time to do it.

Immediately before the movie starts, we and our co-presenters will introduce the movie and talk about what it and the comic mean to us on-stage.  We’re especially excited to talk about exactly why Josie and the Pussycats isn’t just a great movie, but the best comic book movie to date, and why it actually has a surprising amount to say about our society.  Plus, the whole thing is not-for-profit, so you can stick it to the man at the same time!


In the week before the show, make sure to keep checking Comics! The Blog and Graphic Content for daily articles about the curated book list and for some special articles about what the movie and Archie Comics mean to us.  It’s gonna be ballin’, son!


Metro Cinema Society

Metro Cinema is a community-based non-profit cinema in Edmonton, Alberta, devoted to the exhibition and promotion of Canadian, international and independent film and video. To this end, they exhibit an eclectic blend of film, video and media arts, that are not screened anywhere else in the city. Their focus is on presenting a broad selection of educational, cultural and innovative works. They screen films 7 days a week in the historic Garneau Theatre on 109th street.

Twitter: @themetrocinema


Warp One Comics and Games

Warp One Comics and Games has been providing Edmonton with its geek fix for the past 25 years. A one hundred percent home-grown business, Warp prides itself not only on having a large selection of comics and merchandise, but also on their knowledge of the comics field. The store is a landmark in the popular Old Strathcona area and a mainstay in the local comics community. They are located on Whyte Avenue and 99th street and operate two other satellite stores in the north and south ends of town.


See you there, chochachos!

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